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This is just some of the feedback we have received from our clients:

You may contact any of these schools if you need a more personal recommendation.

March 2019 Laima Ghauri Parent – West Leigh Infant School
“Really makes you think of the impact screen time has on kids, also a lot of support online.”

March 2019 Emma Smit Parent – West Leigh Infant School
“Really pleased I attended – very informative and great information to take away and use with my family.”

March 2019 Faye Gray Parent – West Leigh Infant School
“Really great session. Thank you so much. Really made me think and feel confident about online problems”

March 2019 Sarah Stubbington Parent – West Leigh Infant School
“Brilliantly presented, informative and entertaining.”

March 2019 Mike Fowler Parent – West Leigh Infant School
“I work in I.T. and I learned a few things as I tend to take the internet for granted”

March 2019 Lizzie Noble Parent – West Leigh Infant School
“Really informative. Positive steps we can take to protect our children. Thank you for sharing all the information and thank you to the school for organising”

March 2019 Marie James Police Officer – Wickford Primary School
“Working for the police I thought I knew a lot already but the session proved me wrong so, thank you.”

March 2019 Louise Dawson Parent – Wickford Primary School
“Very informative and rather scary too! Was useful and good to know that some of these things we are doing at home are on track.”

March 2019 Katie Isaacs Parent – Wickford Primary School
“Really glad I attended as it’s an eye opener of my own safety also. Thanks.”

March 2019 Tanya Sams Parent – Wickford Primary School
“We all know what we should be doing regarding screen time etc. but seeing the effects of  why is shaking. It makes you make the changes! I actually felt emotional at one point knowing I was guilty of ignoring my children at times for a text!”

March 2019 Olayiniga Mosadomi Parent – Wickford Primary School
“Brilliant session with tons of practical and useful information. Eye openers. Thanks.”

March 2019 Finlay Cornwell Parent – Wickford Primary School
“Very informative and presented in an interesting up-beat way.”

March 2019 Emma Parsons Parent – Wickford Primary School
“Really useful – my husband came to the first session and was so impressed he recommended I come to this one. Thank you for your time.”

March 2019 Janice Haster Parent – Wickford Primary School
“Everybody should attend these sessions.”

March 2019 Steven Dorby Parent – Wickford Primary School
“Very worthwhile to understand all aspects of this. A must for all parents.”

March 2019 George Sneddon Parent – Wickford Primary School
“Informative without being boring and in depth and in plain English that made sense across the board.”

December 2018 Parent – Meadgate Primary School
“Very informative. Useful ideas on time limits on internet etc. Good to know there is online support for parents with regards to informing children of dangers.”

December 2018 Parent – Meadgate Primary School
“I was mortified to realise that childred are living virtual lives. My adult children grew up playing outside with friends etc. This makes me feel sad and concerned for my grandchildren’s future.”

December 2018 Parent – Meadgate Primary School
“Very informative, loads of info – feel more confident on how to keep my kids safe.”

December 2018 Parent – Meadgate Primary School
“Fantastic. Where is your next group for my partner to attend.”

December 2018 Parent – Meadgate Primary School
“We had concerns about our son’s peers & games they are playing & accessing. I came to previous session and still found this extremely useful with more information.”

October 2018 Parent – St Peter’s Catholic Primary School
“Thoroughly worthwhile and hope Debbie keeps on coming back with updates.”

July 2018 Julie Bownlee-Stokes Parent – Sacred Heart RC Primary School
“A very helpful session. It has made me feel more equipped to keep my child safe.”

July 2018 Mark Cornish Parent – Sacred Heart RC Primary School
“Veru useful and informative session. Many thanks.”

July 2018 Gemma Flore Parent – Sacred Heart RC Primary School
“Thank you. I feel so much more aware about the internet. I hope I can now keep my children safer.”

July 2018 Charlotte Okonta Parent – Sacred Heart RC Primary School
“Really useful and informative session. Helpful information on sites and support/guides for parents.”

July 2018 Jan Bass Parent – Sacred Heart RC Primary School
“Very informative. I found this session extremely useful and has made me very aware.”

June 2018 Sara Reeve Parent – Coopersale & Theydon Garnon Primary School
“This was en extremely informative (although occasionally shocking) session. Debbie was very articulate and engaging, explaining all the main issues. This is a subject that I was concerned about but too scared to investigate! I feel reassured that there are measures I can put in place.”

June 2018 Lisa Ward Parent – Coopersale & Theydon Garnon Primary School
“Really informative session. Scary stuff but better to be informed!”

June 2018 Lisa Teacher – Coopersale & Theydon Garnon Primary School
“Helpful to know where to find resources.”

June 2018 Teacher – Coopersale & Theydon Garnon Primary School
“Quick pace & lots of useful information & resources to use.”

June 2018 Katie Luck Teacher – Coopersale & Theydon Garnon Primary School
“Very easy to listen to, even after teaching all day. Very useful info, lots of ideas to take away. Really has expanded my view of what I’m teaching. Excellent!”

March 2018 Headteacher – Cressing Primary School
“The whole session was excellent! Debbie always delivers up-to-date information in a way that is non-threatening and makes parents feel well informed. thank you Debbie and see you next year”

January 2018 Parent – Cressing Primary School
“All of the session was useful! Will be making sure my husband attends next year and would recommend to anyone”

January 2018 Parent – Cressing Primary School
“Thank you Debbie Schofield for a fantastic, informative session”

January 2018 Parent – Buttsbury Junior & Infant School
“It was all relevant and lots of details on how to follow up on specific areas”

January 2018 Parent – Buttsbury Junior & Infant School
“Excellent session, thank you so much. Lucky to have had access to this session”

January 2018 Parent – Buttsbury Junior & Infant School
“Excellent information provided. I feel I have learnt lots of information I did not know”

November 2017 Emma Champion Headteacher – The Villa Nursery and Pre Prep School
“Wonderful feedback today from staff and parents following our e-safety training and workshop delivered by Debbie Schofield. Thank you again for such an engaging, thought provoking and up to date view of the risks our children face online.”
Comments from parents

  • I work in the technology sector and was impressed by how thorough and current the information is. Very valuable. thank you.
  • Must have for every parent from 2 years old.
  • Wonderful information, very well put together and helpful.
  • Riveting from start to finish.
  • Please continue to do these often as things will change over time.

May 2017 Sarah Farrell Parent – St Peter’s Catholic School
“It was excellent and exceptionally well delivered.”

May 2017 Lisa Parent – St Peter’s Catholic School
“Eye opening presentation, extremely helpful. Thank you!”

May 2017 Parent – St Peter’s Catholic School
“I hope that this CEOP presentation will come every year to the school so other parents can come to see it.”

May 2017 Clare Wilkins Parent – St Peter’s Catholic School
“Excellent awareness session, so glad I attended.”

May 2017 Parent – St Peter’s Catholic School
“Excellent overview. Very large subject area so good pointers for more research.”

May 2017 Claire Miles Teacher – St Peter’s Catholic School
“A very informative session with up to date, relevant apps. Games and sites.”

May 2017 Teacher – St Peter’s Catholic School
“Very effective session. Thought provoking.”

May 2017 Louise Downey Teacher – St Peter’s Catholic School
“Course material/ ideas on informing & keeping children safe on line was very helpful!”

May 2017 Sorinder Bhatoa Parent – Plumberow Primary School
“I think all schools should have a session like this and it should be compulsory for all parents.”

May 2017 Mr and Mrs Holling Parents – Plumberow Primary School
“Useful information and good ideas on how to approach issues with children.”

May 2017 Carly Hall Parent – Plumberow Primary School
“I think these sessions are fantastic and think children should be advised from a young age as they are at Plumberow.”

May 2017 Suzanne Tomlin Parent – Plumberow Primary School
“The evolving world should not be feared, however we must educate our children.”

May 2017 Chloe Crosby Parent – Plumberow Primary School
“I found this sessions extremely interesting and very helpful. Very good advice in helping explain things to my child.”

May 2017 Parent – Plumberow Primary School
“Perfect! Highly recommended to all parents.”

Mar 2017 Parent – Waltham Holy Cross Primary
“A very interesting session, extremely well presented.”

Mar 2017 Alicia Parent – Waltham Holy Cross Primary
“This was a very good thing to bring into the school. Very informative session, lots to think about.”

Mar 2017 Joanna Shipp Parent – Waltham Holy Cross Primary
“Really useful, made me think and will be making changes at home. Thank you.”

Mar 2017 Jay Taylor Parent – Waltham Holy Cross Primary
“My child is only 4 but this has really helped me to think about how and when my son uses the ‘cyber’ world.”

Mar 2017 Alex Rands Parent – Waltham Holy Cross Primary
“Really informative session. I can now easily share with family.”

Mar 2017 Nicky Gurman Parent – Waltham Holy Cross Primary
“I found the evening very informative and feel confident in exercising the guidelines.”

Mar 2017 Parent – Hamstel Infant School
“Really glad I took the time out to come. It has given me an eye opener and real insight to what technology can do and see etc. When I get home I’m going to put into practice everything I have learnt today.”

Mar 2017 Parent – Quilters Infant School
“Great session and every parent should go to this session.”

Mar 2017 Parent – Quilters Infant School<
“Very powerful.”

Mar 2017 Parent – Quilters Infant School
“Brilliant informative demonstration. I will be passing on information to my friends with children”

Mar 2017 Parent – Quilters Infant School<
“Very well laid out presentation, clear and concise. A base from which to start from before we are in too deep.”

Feb 2017 Lauren Teacher – Purleigh Community Primary School
“Excellent – gives structure for planning Online Safety using the 3 categories and ideas for content THANKS!”

Feb 2017 Jennifer Watson Teacher – Littlegarth School
“Well presented. I admire your knowledge and enthusiasm.”

Feb 2017 Zoe McBeth Teacher – Littlegarth School

Feb 2017 Neil Stotter Teacher – Purleigh Community Primary School
“Super session, assistance/clarity. Great session, to be recommended – lots to research and follow up.”

Feb 2017 Megan Teacher – Meadgate Primary School
“Really useful, thank you.”

Feb 2017 Christina Pateman Teacher – Meadgate Primary School
“Great resources, thank you Debbie.”

Sep 2016 Parent – Grove Wood Primary School
“I was not aware that there was so much information available. Very useful… especially with gaming.”

Sep 2016 Parent – Grove Wood Primary School
“Thank you very much. Please, updaters every year! We need the help!”

Sep 2016 Parent – Grove Wood Primary School
“I really appreciate the school doing the session for parents, it’s very, very useful to me.”

May 2016 Jade Richmond Teacher – Westwood Academy
“Ideas to approach and teach e-Safety across the years.”

May 2016 Parent – Westwood Academy
“I found the course very informative, straight to the point.”

May 2016 Parent – Westwood Academy
“Thank you, veru useful, made me want to be a more diligent parent with my child’s e-Safety.”

May 2016 Teacher – Westwood Academy
“A great presentation. Really useful resources and sites to support the effective teaching of e-Safety. Thank you!”

Mar 2016 Parent – Leigh North St. Primary School
“Excellent delivery. Debbie Schofield is very knowledgable and came across fabulous.”

Mar 2016 Parent – Leigh North St. Primary School
“Could have listened for another hour! Very interesting and extremely useful. I’m glad I took annual leave to come.”

Mar 2016 Parent – Leigh North St. Primary School
“Just great. Gives me renewed vigour to keep talking and monitoring. Feel empowered rather than helpless.”

Jan 2016 Karen Baker Teacher – Holmwood House School
“Very clear, concise, impassioned lecture which could only a) make us more aware b) make us more worried for our children c) make us better equiped to help our children.”

Jan 2016 Karen McCormack Teacher – Holmwood House School
“Found the whole session informative. Very engaging speaker made things clear.”

Jan 2016 Louise Noonan Parent – Plumberow Primary School
“Thanks, it was absolutely brilliant. An excellently delivered presentation.”

Jan 2016 Christie Bewley Parent – Plumberow Primary School
“So enlightening & frightening. I am so glad I came tonight. Best 2 hours of my life ever I think! Thank you so much”

Jan 2016 Alexander Mitchell Headteacher – Holmwood House School
“Debbie Schofield delivered a comprehensive programme of talks to our staff, pupils and parents on the subject of e-Safety. She achieved the right balance of raising the big issues with practical things to do to help keep children safe online. The subject area is huge but she was able to distill the key points in a way that everyone felt engaged, informed and inspired to make the necessary changes. The fact that Debbie was a teacher, is a parent and is such a personable communicator with children and adults alike, lends great authenticity and passion to her message. I would recommend Debbie to any school serious about developing their e-Safety awareness and strategy.”

Jan 2016 Emma Bryant Headteacher – The Villa Pre-Preparatory School and Nursery
“Thank you for today – it was brilliant, everyone came away feeling very inspired and eager to start using some IT within lessons!!
Thanks again, it was a great start to term.”

Sep 2015 Parent – Hilltop Infant
“I have two boys going through school aged 9 and 14. I will now be making some changes with what my 14 year old does and now I have good advice to pass on to my 9 year old.”

Sep 2015 Parent – Hilltop Infant
“I have learned a great deal from this session and thank you for helping me to protect my children in the future”

Sep 2015 Parent – Hilltop Infant
“Every parent should know!! Excellent presentation, content and delivery”

Sep 2015 Parent – Hilltop Infant
“Brilliant delivery from Debbie, very interactive”

May 2015 Diane Cable Head of ICT – St Mary’s Hare Park Primary and Nursery
“The GibGab workshop provides, within a safe environment, the practical experience needed to consolidate pupils’ understanding of the e-Safety advice we share with them and their families. During the plenary session, the Adviser shared with pupils the type of database structure that ‘sits behind social networking sites’, providing pupils with concrete evidence of how they add to their digital footprint every time they post something online. An extremely valuable workshop; one we will be repeating.”

Jan 2015 Josh Holtby Deputy Head – Bretwood Preparatory School
“As you can imagine we had absolutely fantastic feedback from the parents about your presentation, so another huge thank you from Brentwood School for your time and your wisdom. One of the parents pointed out that almost as you were talking it was on the news that Sky have introduced an Opt In policy as you had wished for!”

Jan 2015 Leigh Noonan e-Safety Officer – St Margaret’s Primary School Bowers Gifford
“Thank you for Wednesday’s sessions; both parents and staff were amazed by the issues revolving around e-Safety.”

Oct 2014 Jacqui Askew Parent – South Benfleet Foundation Primary School
“Glad I came – really useful. Will be doing further research at home and checking filters & privacy settings. I know my girls have been learning it at school but will be good to discuss as a family again.”

Oct 2014 Parent – South Benfleet Foundation Primary School
“Very good content – you think you know it all but you don’t. Debbie came across extremely well informed & at the right level.”

Oct 2014 Jane Barber Teacher – South Benfleet Foundation Primary School
“Fantastic session. Very thought provoking. As a parent said ‘Fantastically terrifying’, thanks.”

Oct 2014 Teacher – South Benfleet Foundation Primary School
“Very scary but excellent session on how vulnerable we all are online.”

Oct 2014 Don Boulden Teacher – South Benfleet Foundation Primary School
“An excellent training session. Very eye-opening and will help with future teaching.”

Oct 2014 Mrs Melanie Milner Parent – White Court Primary School
“I’ve not really thought of the dangers with online safety, my husband deals with potential controls and I don’t have a Facebook account. I found this very informative and has certainly made me aware of the dangers out there and how easy it is to get ‘sucked’ into the online world.”

Oct 2014 Victoria Odell Parent – White Court Primary School
“Thank you so much, I really have learn’t loads today, privacy settings, social networking, gaming, grooming.”

Jul 2014 Laura Tanner ICT Subject Leader – South Benfleet Primary School
“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the E-Safety training last Friday: I found it thoroughly engaging and extremely useful!”

Jun 2014 Chris Seccombe ICT Coordinator – White Court School
“Thanks for a great course today, I learnt so much and can’t wait to get back to school to share it all!”

Mar 2014 Steve Thomas ICT Subject Leader – Littlegarth School
“Many thanks for the excellent training session last night. The staff seem inspired to make more use of Espresso”

Feb 2014 Lizz Hall ICT Subject Leader – South Green Junior School
“I really enjoyed the course this morning and was ‘buzzing’ when I got back to school. Looking forward to the next one.”

Feb 2014 Cathy Mann Headteacher – Rivenhall Primary School, Rivenhall
“Fabulous! Thank you. Superb handouts.”

Feb 2014 Elizabeth Teacher – Rivenhall Primary School, Rivenhall
“This was a jam-packed session. Thank you for explaining each programme so clearly and for giving us examples of definitions. All of the handouts will be useful. Thank you too for the extra resources.”

Feb 2014 Allison Howley Teacher – West Leigh Infant School, Leigh-on-Sea
“Excellent, steps for KS2 shown to show progression. Detailed enough to feel confident to deliver at EYFS. A thoroughly enjoyable and informative morning.”

Feb 2014 Emma Fettroll Teacher – West Leigh Infant School, Leigh-on-Sea
“Thank you, I now feel I can teach the new curriculum with confidence.”

Feb 2014 Anonymous Teacher – West Leigh Infant School, Leigh-on-Sea
“Thank you, you made the session very user-friendly and explanations/support was excellent.”

Feb 2014 Mary Clarke Headteacher – West Leigh Infant School, Leigh-on-Sea
“Very encouraging approach by Debbie. We felt we could do it.”

Jan 2014 John Magnus Headteacher – Perryfields Junior School, Chelmsford
“yesterday was excellent, thank you- very positive feedback from both staff and parents. I will be sending my ICT leader on your new curriculum days – looks good.”

Jan 2014 June Gould Headteacher – Perryfields Infant School, Chelmsford
“I have had great feedback from everybody about yesterday – parents and staff. Thank you so much for your sessions. Looking forward to working with you further.”

Jan 2014 Steve Nolder, Parent
“I met you briefly last night following the ‘e-safety’ presentation you gave at my son’s school. I found the presentation informative, the content very powerful and think there are lots of people that could benefit from the presentation you gave yesterday.”

Nov 2013 Coren Murley ICT Subject Leader – Holy Cross Catholic Primary School, Harlow
“All elements of the session were useful and appropriate based on staff confidence and needs. The session was jam-packed with information and enabled staff to access resources and know about the curriculum.”

May 2013 Ronnie Branch Head Teacher – Sunnymede Junior School, Billericay
“Thank you also for the two sessions today. The feedback from both staff and parents has been EXCELLENT. Resources that were provided to support teachers following the staff training session were excellent and will really help us to develop our e-Safety curriculum. Debbie went the extra mile in helping us.”

April 2013 Jude Savill Teacher – Newport primary School, Saffron Walden
“Can you pass on a big well done and thanks to whoever has put together the ICT curriculum documents in line with NAACE! Fantastic.”

January 2013 Hazel Turton ICT Subject Leader – Hilltop Junior School, Wickford
“Thank you for the super training today, I know some staff can’t wait to experiment!!”

December 2012 Huma Karim HT – Noak Bridge Primary, Basildon
“I have to say the staff and I found your inset very helpful. I was so interested I stayed for the majority despite having many other things I should have done.”

December 2012 Sharon New – Noak Bridge Primary, Basildon
“I would like to thank you so much for the training last night, everybody said that they enjoyed it and learnt a lot – and I have gone around the classrooms this morning and they are putting into practice what they learnt last night. Marvellous…..”

September 2012 Tracy Bullock – Theydon Bois Primary, Theydon Bois
“Thank you very much for the excellent Espresso training this week. The staff have all said how useful it was and how much they have used it since. You are an excellent teacher! Thanks from all at Theydon Bois!!”

July 2012 Toby Harraway – Handford Hall Primary, Ipswich
“Well thought out variety of content.”

July 2012 Kirsten Cameron – St Matthews Primary, Ipswich
“The whole day raised thought provoking questions for ICT in School.”

July 2012 Patrick Miles – St Edmunds RC Primary School, Bury St Edmunds
“Some very realistic and helpful ideas, thank you very much.”

July 2012 Sharon Sweeney – St Andrews Junior School, Colchester
“Friendly, professional delivery.”

July 2012 Denise Cole – Holland Park Primary School, Clacton on Sea
“A great session, thank you for all the useful resources.”

July 2012 Serga Collett – Histon Early Years Centre, Cambridge
“Excellent support.”

May 2012 Alina Manda – Goose Green Primary & Nursery School
“Thank you for your prompt reply with our school’s ICT data analysis. Just wanted to say that it looks amazing and is very clear for everyone to understand! Keep up the excellent work you are all doing at ICTinspires.”

April 2012 Helen Branch – Powers Hall Junior School
“Already looking forward to our next to meetings as you are a real inspiration.”

January 2012 Verity Brownbridge – Gosfield School
“Whiteboard training was perfect – as a reminder as well as lots of new tips and ideas.”

January 2012 Julie Donnelly – East Tilbury Infant School and Nursery
“I really appreciate your help and support – I don’t feel so much like I’m trying to make progress on my own now!”

November 2011 Vanessa Mallows – Feering CE Primary School
“Great e-Folio training..thanks.”

November 2011 Angela Finch – Our Lady of Ransom School – ICTSL
“The feedback from Monday was very positive. We all felt the day was very productive. Thanks load for fitting in as much as you did – including e-safety! ”

November 2011 Patricia Curnock – Our Lady of Ransom School – Deputy Head Teacher
“Many thanks, Debbie. The staff were enthused by Monday’s meeting and the ICT folders will accompany any future planning!”

October 2011 Janet Price – St. Alban’s Primary School – ICT Subject Leader
“Many thanks for the podcasting session. Not only did it go well but staff feedback was very positive.”

October 2011 Tracy Bullock – Theydon Bois – ICT Manager
“Thank you for yesterday it was very informative I have already booked a session with the head to discuss the meeting, especially the ICT progression, I have been looking for something else for a long time, and I am very excited! We will hopefully put many things in place and be back to you for backup training!!!!!”

July 2011 HT Chelmsford School (Last day of Summer term, planning ICT within the curriculum)
“Thank you, Debbie. Despite us all being dog tired staff were inspired so well done!”

June 2011 Maldon School
“You came into All Saints School at the beginning of the half term and did a unique training session for us. I just wanted to say thank you and having done some reviews of Teachers ICT skills etc, many of them have said that the session was very worthwhile so thank you very much.”

June 2011 Witham School
“Thank you so much for Friday I feel a lot happier about ICT now and we are all looking forward to working with you in the spring.”

July 2011 Colchester School
“You attended our Junior school a while back this year ( one of the most useful meetings I attended this year!).”

June 2011 Romford School
“I met with Debbie this morning for our final software audit meeting. Just wanted to thank you for recommending her. Debbie is very professional – she made my part of the audit very easy by providing check lists, etc. which she did very quickly following our first meeting. Subsequent enquiries were also dealt with very efficiently and she has provided me with an invaluable amount of software/curriculum information.”

May 2011 Bicknacre School
“Will be in touch again very soon I am sure and am most grateful for your continued help and support with our ICT needs!!”

January 2011 Ilford Independent School
“I just wanted to say many thanks for stepping in at such short notice. The reviews have been fantastic as you can see below. Great job and I will definitely know who to go to next time!”

And more…
“Thank you for all your help and advice it was most useful.”
“Debbie was excellent! The quality of the training as well as her delivery and approach were spot on and all the staff whether learning at the basic level or looking to develop established skills learned a considerable amount. We will be using her again next year.”
“A big thank you Anna for delivering such a brilliant training session yesterday, staff really enjoyed it.”