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Staff Computing Skills Audit

Skills Audit LoginThese free Staff Computing Skills audits updated for the 2014 curriculum have been produced by ICTinspires to enable teachers to identify areas of Computing CPD needs. There are two audits; the first focuses on generic ICT skills (Microsoft Office and Display Devices/Media), the second (Computing Curriculum Audit) concentrates on skills required to teach Computing.

Staff members must register individually to complete their personal audit. Individual staff members can use this free audit to identify and develop their own skills but purchasing one of the whole school overview options is highly recommended for CPD.

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Completed your Staff Computing Skills Audit? What next?

ICTinspires offers a unique Skills Audit Analysis Tool to support schools in their Computing CPD planning.

This is an online analysis tool which allows schools to dynamically view their data thereby giving much more information and flexibility in ongoing planning. This allows schools to develop a Computing CPD plan in-house, carry out further audits and see immediate updates to monitor progress. Take the opportunity to include your admin staff on the Microsoft Office skills modules. It won’t cost any more but will give you an insight into and training requirements for admin staff and may yield some high flyers who could become mentors for teaching other staff in a structured CPD.

On placing an order schools can designate one or more administrators who will have immediate access to view a status report showing which staff members have registered and which modules have been completed. At any time administrators can view whole school data or drill down to view data by individual strands, confidence levels, year groups or individual staff members. Administrators can even view the original staff audit agains whole school confidence levels for each question.

This is charged at £75.00 + VAT for 12 months access to the Curriculum Analysis and £75.00 + VAT for 12 months access to the Office and Display Devices/Media Analysis. Any school ordering both modules will be charged one price of £125.00 + VAT.

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In addition, ICTinspires can provide guidance and support at any stage of the process. If you would like to discuss your requirements further, please contact us for more information.