Curriculum ICT Support for Primary Schools
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Online Safety Support for Staff, Parents and Pupils

“The use of technology has become a significant component of many safeguarding issues. Child sexual exploitation; radicalisation; sexual predation – technology often provides the platform that facilitates harm.” (Keeping children safe in education Sept 2016).

However, psychologists claim the dangers lurking within the internet go far deeper than we think.
For example;  Michael Seto claims “We are living through the largest unregulated social experiment of all time – a generation of youth who have been exposed to extreme content online.”

Many schools are noting that more children are attending school with poor social skills, worse behaviour and  more aggression than ever before.  Additionally many teachers are having to tell parents to ‘look up’ when they meet their child at the end of the day and engage with them.

Consequently, as well as educating parents about the known risks of Content, Contact and Conduct, ICTinspires presentations will also look at the deeper psychological impact and behavioural changes to children when using the internet or resulting from their parents online lives.

Our staff meeting covers:

  • The breadth of the requirements of online safety within the classroom context
  • The potential online risks faced by pupils when using internet technologies at home (outside school)
  • Provision of an online safety curriculum from EYFS to Y6
  • Accessible – ready to use resources for each area of risk

Our parent session covers:

  • Helping them understand the changes to human behaviour when online
  • Raising awareness of the real online risks to their child
  • Giving them strategies to help keep their children safe
  • Alerting parents to the potential impact on their children of their own online life
  • Signposting to support resources

We provide a template letter and flyer to parents to help advertise the session.

A half day session would usually provide both staff and parent sessions. The parent session could take place in the afternoon before end of school (e.g. 1:15 p.m. – 3:15 p.m.) followed by a staff meeting.

Some schools prefer the parent meeting early evening* (e.g. 5:30 p.m. – 7:15 p.m.).  Pupils workshops are also available.

*Please note:  A parent session starting after 6:00 p.m. would incur additional cost.

Cost:  £295 + VAT for half day.  For further information or to discuss dates, call or email Debbie Schofield on 07786 125567

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