Curriculum ICT Support for Primary Schools
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Developing e-awareness

Online Safety staff, parent and pupil workshops

It is essential the whole school community is aware of Online Safety issues and the school has a clear policy for dealing with any safeguarding incidents.

With CEOP Ambassador accreditation we can train all staff to use the ThinkuKnow resources with their class or lead class activities or parents meetings to ensure the Online Safety message is understood by all.

The course content can vary according to school’s needs.

Session contents could include:

Thinkuknow Introduction Session (specifically for educationalists)
Half day (could be delivered to consortiums/clusters of schools)

  • Introduction to CEOP (The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre)
  • Staying up to date with technologies
  • Risks posed to young people
  • Accessing support resources
  • CEOP certificate of attendance
  • Plus additional school Online Safety policy and Online Safety curriculum support.

Online Safety training to parents, staff and/or pupils.

This session could be a one to one support meeting with the school named safeguarding lead followed by a staff meeting or an inset training session for staff, a parent/governor meeting or as an introduction to pupils in class. The time and content is flexible to suit your needs.

The Benefits

  • Tailored to your own school
  • Keep up to date with technologies
  • Instant Messenger & chat
  • Social networking
  • Online gaming
  • Mobile technology
  • Know the risks posed to young people online
  • Content – inappropriate web content
  • Contact – grooming
  • Conduct – email/texting etiquette, overuse/addiction
  • Access to breadth of support materials
  • Update school policies

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