Curriculum ICT Support for Primary Schools

Primary Computing Curriculum

ICTinspires firmly believes Computing should be integrated into all subjects across the curriculum wherever possible. Only by adopting this ethos can Computing move away from being a stand alone subject and truly be used as a tool to enhance all learning. The ICTinspires Computing Curriculum is specifically designed to achieve this goal.

By expounding the Programme of Study, ICTinspires has developed four logical strands into which each of the skills required to attain targets by the end of each key stage are categorised. Each strand is broken down into clear progressive skills for every year group to fulfil Computing National Curriculum requirements by the end of each primary key stage. The EYFS document is mapped to the EYFS Framework. Download Samples EYFS  KS1 KS2

  • Shaping (Computer Science);
    Control & Programming
  • Communicating (Digital Literacy & I.T.);
    Digital Communication; Sharing Information, Producing & Editing Media
  • Exploring (Digital Literacy & I.T.);
    Collecting, Analysing, Evaluating Real World Data/Problem Solving
  • Online Safety (Digital Literacy;
    Content, Contact and Conduct

In addition, each strand is accompanied by suggested resources and cross curricular ideas. These materials will:-

  • provide clear progressive objectives when teaching all aspects of Computing from EYFS to Upper KS2 within three booklets, including Online Safety sections.
  • offer guidance on the appropriate standards of Computing capability that are appropriate for children in each year group, with suggestions of assessment criteria.
  • give practical examples of how Computing skills, knowledge and understanding can be integrated into planning across the curriculum as well as providing suggested resources.
  • include pupil self-assessment booklets.
  • include a whole school Excel assessment programme.

To support the ICTinspires Computing Curriculum we have introduced Pupil Self-Assessment Booklets. The booklet is designed to pick out key skills from the Computing curriculum in an ‘I can do’ format to give pupils ‘next steps’ guidance and to give the teacher an overview of their knowledge and understanding in preparation for a formal assessment.  The materials are provided in PDF format but hard copies can be purchased if required.

Use our web based ICTinspires Staff Skills Audit, designed to identify CPD requirements within your school, and you have a complete and inexpensive Computing Curriculum Solution from one source.

Add to this our in-house Excel based Assessment Program enabling you to record all Computing assessments, building up a Computing profile of every child’s achievements from EYFS to Y6,  allowing the subject leader to monitor the breadth of coverage of Computing across the school.


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