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Coding Club for teachers

The programming elements within the Computing curriculum evokes fear in some teachers as this is to a large extent new ground. Support sessions in schools or clusters can be targeted to need and differentiated by program and skills.

The course content can vary according to school’s needs. Clusters of schools could offer a selection of sessions for schools to ‘buy into’. These could be determined by a staff audit of needs.

Session contents could include:

  • Programming robots – either Bee-bots and Pro-Bots or Roamer-Too
  • Scratch
  • Kodu
  • MSW Logo
  • Flowol 4
  • Python– suitable for Year 5/6
  • Small Basic – suitable for Year 5/6

Irrespective of the tool, each series will take the following format (de-bugging will feature throughout):

  • Beginning – algorithms, simple programs, sequence and selection.
  • Intermediate – repeats (or loops), inputs and outputs
  • Advanced – sub-routines or sub-procedures and variables.

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